What is adazzle?

Adazzle is a specialist software company providing a cloud based, workflow and campaign management platform to the media industry.

With our unique product and business approach, we have achieved UK market leadership, with excess of 50% of the UK’s online and print spend by media agencies already being administered and traded using Adazzle.

The core of the system is a suite of tools and services to aid Media Buying Points in the planning, execution, administration and management of media procurement. Supporting this is a suite of services and integrations offered to improve process efficiency and integrity of the information generated and flow of it, with media owners, advertisers, ad-servers, creative and production.

Adazzle improves the efficiency, accuracy and so productivity of media buying by removing the administrative burden, allowing media buyers to focus on providing real value. While in addition through joining up process and facilitating shared data, its use delivers demonstrable benefit through the value chain, notably to media owners and the advertiser.