Are you...

searching for a more efficient way to manage your media planning and buying workflow?

interested in solutions to help manage the complexity of scaling digital? and print buying?

a sales point, taking agency bookings through the adazzle platform?

To planning and buying teams...

Adazzle brings efficiency, greater accuracy and insight to the media planning and procurement process by giving you tools not only to execute a single campaign, but a framework in which to integrate and manage your entire media workflow.

Driven by workflow

The media plan is at the heart of your work and ours. Think of it as an Excel media plan, with all the customisation and client level flexibility you need, but with the added bonus of contract rates, automatic handling of complex technology costs, an in-built approval framework, RFP’s on your IOs, trafficking, creative comms, tracking, actualisation and much more. All this managed from a single place and feeding directly into your campaign and other systems.

Digital natives

Adazzle has been in digital media for over 10 years, so we know better than anyone how to navigate the fragmented digital media ecosystem. Whether it’s Display, VOD, Social, Mobile, offline media or any combination of the above; it can be fully managed in Adazzle.

Embracing programmatic

We’ve added biddable, RTB and programmatic direct models to our offering for both media teams and the trading desk. With hooks directly into numerous DSP’s and attribution platforms, and support for the change in approach that programmatic brings, Adazzle bridges the gap between biddable execution and buy-side administration challenges.


Our experience tells us that no two clients are the same, no two agencies follow the same best practice and that media buying and management differ by channel, by country and is constantly evolving. We are specifically engineered to support true flexibility around adoption, execution and management of media.

3 / 6

global agency networks use Adazzle


coverage of media owners


productivity gains

To organisations of all sizes...

We offer scalability. Adazzle is designed to support different organisation cultures and sizes, from global agency networks through to the independent buying points, the Adazzle platform and technology stack helps you overcome the challenges and complexities of scaling media procurement in a digital world.

Operational scale

By combining central control and configuration with the ability to customise locally, Adazzle can be tailored to suit your needs. At each junction we’ve installed appropriate security checkpoints to ensure support for strict corporate governance and auditing requirements. We offer a number of different support models to fit your organisational structure and intended system adoption.

Technical Scale

Adazzle lives in the cloud. We’re lightweight and have the ability to rapidly scale our infrastructure as it is required. Our international deployments make use of our global master record schema, whilst maintaining individual market data at the local level.


Designed from the ground up to be platform agnostic, we strive for openness and engagement with our partners. A number of integration hubs for planning, serving and tracking, and bill / pay systems enable us to quickly bring new providers online using fully or semi-automated integrations (pending availability).

agile with a small ‘a’

We don't cope with change, we are built to expect it. We know that the ad world tomorrow, will be very different from yesterday, and solutions need to be flexible. Having a clear vision for our product is vital, and we are passionate about that, but until we perfect our crystal ball, we design our product to be responsive, modular and always use the best new and established technologies to implement it.


API integrations with 3rd Parties

(covering planning, serving, tracking, media attribution, DSP's and media accounting platforms - and always increasing)


Multiple language, and timezone support

1.5 trillion

impressions to date

(not to mention millions of offline ads!)

To media owners...

Put an end to the guesswork and inefficient ad booking processes with our best in class solution. Un-parallelled transparency, communication and integration means that you'll be closer to and more in control of your ad investment.

Total user control

Take ownership of your sales team's accounts, including: access rights, sales relationships and team structures. Finance and ad-operations teams can have dedicated access with customised views to ensure they are monitoring upcoming and active orders through the Adazzle system.

Reporting made easy

In-built reports allow you to quickly get up to speed with your business. Late bookings and confirmations run-downs, overall sales, and our flexible report building functionality mean you can get all the information you need at your fingertips.


Get valuable and actionable insight into the end-to-end negotiation and booking process. In Adazzle we capture and store a historical record of all actions taken, amendments and changes requested and agreed between all parties involved.


We provide access to your data in Adazzle via our API. Pull data out to feed your own platforms and processes. Push data back into Adazzle to update delivery stats for end of campaign actualisation and reconciliation.

£1 billion

media planned, briefed and booked through Adazzle


brands reached through Adazzle in the last 6 months


users per day

A handful of our fans...

“We absolutely need this on Digital as it has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes us to manage orders, and it has cut reporting issues by a factor of about 10.”

Online sales manager - BBC
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